Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Virtual Economics on CD-ROM

Virtual Economics contains over 1,200 lesson plans including the Morton activities.
In a famous remark, Nobel laureate Robert Solow, declared that information technology could be seen everywhere except in the statistics. This is because when new technology is introduced, it is used in old ways. With Virtual Economics you can use information technology as it was meant to be used. With this CD-ROM you can select the lesson you want and send it directly to the printer. In some schools, you can send the lesson with necessary worksheets as an email attachment to the workroom in an email with the required copies. Then pick up the copies later. I also can send homework home to students who are absent. In my law class last year, I ran off lessons on insurance that would have taken me weeks to write. If you are a busy teacher, this software will save you planning and copying time so you can devote your time to teaching.
Check out the contents of the CD-ROM here. If you are not a Global Association of Teachers of Economics, GATE, member, register at the time of checkout and receive a discount.


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