Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week's Lesson Plan

How does the pace of your class compare to mine? I start building fundamentals with reinforcement. I believe that when a student is frustrated on an exam question, they will start making mistakes. When a student starts to break down, I want them to fall back to fundamentals that the student knows is absolutely true. I hope students can predict right answers because they are thinking in line with generally accepted economic fundamentals. With that philosophy, I covered demand this week. The topics I covered were:

1. Diminishing Marginal Utility
2. Income Effect
3. Substitution Effect
4. Change in Quantity Demanded
5. Change in Demand
6. Accurate graphing of the demand curve on a white board
7. Law of Demand

I reinforced concepts 1 through 7 with Morton activities, 13, 14, and 15. I also assigned textbook reading from my text, Krugman-Wells, and workbook activities that accompany the text.

A typical week includes three days of lecture and two days of class time work. My class also meets on Wednesday night on a volunteer basis to extra work.

How does your schedule differ from mine? What are your thoughts on giving students class time to work on assignments?


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