Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AP Released Exams

Summary: Links to the 2005 AP Macro and AP Microeconomics released exams.

The AP Macroeconomics exam is here.

The AP Microeconomics exam is here.

About every five years, the College Board releases the exam used to access students of AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics. These tests are wonderful. I bought a packet of 10 and begin the third day of class showing students the questions and a thinking process to answer the question.

Make sure to study the Acorn book to see if the current standards match those on the released exam. There's been discussion in microeconomics that game theory will have more than a dominate equilibrium.

Free AP Macroeconomic and AP Microeconomic exams are here. You'll have to register and use your user name and password that you used when submitting your syllabi.

About the Author: Mike Fladlien is an AP Economics teacher from Muscatine High School.


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