Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tip 27 Practice Graphing AP Microeconomic Concepts

Summary: Graphing on wipe boards aids in skill acquisition.

You will find that students will like to graph on their own miniature white board. They like to erase quickly so no one sees their errors, and they like the large graphs that allow for creativity in their work.

I went to Menards, and bought 4' X 8' sheets of paneling. Then I asked the industrial tech department to cut them into 2 x 2 sheets. I found cheap dry erase markers at Walgreens and used Kleenex tissues for erasers. Students like to graph the concepts and receive immediate knowledge of results. They also like the different color markers that I give them. I have found this to be an effective alternative to taking notes.

I store the white boards in my classroom on an overhead stand that I can easily roll around the room if I need to. I think students like the fact that I worked extra to help them to learn so they respond by working harder on graphing.

About the Author: Mike Fladlien is an AP Economics teacher from Muscatine High School in Muscatine, IA. He is an EconEdLink.org author blogging at Mikeroeconomics.


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