Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lecture Kaizen to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Summary: Zen master offers advice--lie.

Try this to improve your lectures in AP Macroeconomics.

The focus at my school is on instructional improvement. One area that we are trying to focus on is moving to a level of rigor and relevance. This involves having students use higher order thinking skills, HOTS. Using strategies that requires students to evaluate information is rigor in the Rigor-Relevance Model. I have found that asking higher order questions in daily conversations makes you more interesting and vibrant to be around. Let me end with this question:

Given the disaster in Haiti, compare how classical and Keynesian economists will view the recovery.

About the Author: Mike Fladlien is an AP Economics teacher from Muscatine High School in Muscatine, IA. He is an author.


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