Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shopping Blocks

Summary: Build your own boutique.  Microeconomics simulation.

MSN has a link to a game on today's homepage.  The link is

I didn't play the game.  If you like this stuff and it does involve microeconomics, please comment.  I am looking for ways to move more and more AP instruction to the computer as requested by the state to align with 21st Century skills.  Last week, I had two gamers look at Genirevolution

Iowa is one of nine states that require technological efficiency to be taught.  Such tools as Web 2.0, media fluency, effective communication, and ICT must accompany skill found at the top of Bloom's Taxonomy.  I believe this is a necessary step to prepare students for an employment landscape where the factors of production can instantly move.

About the Author: Mike Fladlien is an AP Economics teacher from Muscatine High School in Muscatine, IA. He is an author, and also publishes the Mikeroeconomics and iMacroeconomics VB blogs.


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